We have carefully structured and designed this course to help you prepare for this International English Testing System. It includes series of recordings and detailed study plan for Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening, and practice tests to check your test readiness.

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Our sessions are conducted by qualified IELTS experts, who provide in-depth guidance on various aspects of the test and answer your questions to help your preparation.

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Listening (The most scoring module in IELTS)

  • Practice everyday conversation in social contexts.
  • Practice everyday monologues in social contexts.
  • Practice group conversations in educational and training contexts.
  • Practice monologues on academic subjects


Reading (Reading is always leading.)

  • Learn Skimming and Scanning techniques to answer maximum questions.
  • Read articles/passages relevant to everyday life/work and academic topics of general interests.


Writing (A new essay everyday)

  • Start with basic Essay writing on common topics.
  • Practice most recent essay topics of IELTS.
  • Learn how to describe Graphs, Maps, Tables and Flow charts.


Speaking (Crack it with flying colours)

  • Practice your introduction with common idioms and phrases.
  • Active listening and body language.
  • How to prepare talk based on your task card.
  • Get familiar with assessment criteria.
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