Voice & Accent Training Program

Don’t let your accent or mother tongue influence prevent you from reaching the top rung of the success ladder.

Even through you know the vocabulary and grammar rules, you still find it taxing to pronounce English words correctly. This struggle can make understanding your speech a difficult task with audiences and viewers.

No matter how much genius you are with your hard/technical/subject skills, if you fail to communicate in appropriate accent and pronunciation, which is not well understood by your audiences or listeners, you are only half the way through your journey in achieving success.

What You’ll Learn

  • I

    Introduction to Voice
    and Accent

    You’ll be introduced and familiarised with major parts to an accent.

  • I

    Intonation & Voice

    They are the music of a language. You’ll learn to signal emotion, questioning, etc.

  • S

    Syllable & Syllable

    You’ll learn how syllables are made fall into two classes and practice set of words to understand them better.

  • P

    Pronunciation & Syllable

    You’ll learn basic guidelines about syllable stress and practice pronunciation of commonly used or familiar words.

  • V

    Vowel Sounds

    You’ll learn difference between vowel letters and sounds, and practice their right way of pronunciation.

  • C

    Consonant Sounds

    You’ll learn difference between consonant letters and sounds, and practice their right way of pronunciation.

  • P


    You’ll learn and practice how to read phonetic script.

  • A


    You’ll learn place and manner of articulation, and voicing and non-voicing in vocal cords.

  • T

    Tongue Twister

    You’ll be creating and practising tongue twisters to have clear speech of both vowel and consonant sounds.

  • E

    Eliminate Mother
    Tongue Influence

    With listening and reading practices, you’ll be eliminating your MTI and producing neutral accent.

  • D

    Demo/Mock Practices for
    Accent Neutralization

    Demo or mock practices after video clips and movies, you’ll be adapting international or neutral accent.

The Third School