Online Tutoring Support

We are working with different education organisations in India, UK, Japan, Singapore, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and UAE. We work as academic delivery partners for the education companies and support our clients 24×7.

We focus on quality with the help of internal and external processes and matrices. With multi layer backup backup tutors, we commit Zero downtime. For us every learning session and every student matters.

All our tutors go through different background checks to ensure we follow the proper safeguarding policy. We always have safeguarding officers present to monitor and address any instance immediately. All sessions are delivered in a monitored environment.

We help Online Tutoring companies to focus on business expansion and rest everything related to academic/session delivery is taken care of by us. Complete human resources, training and Infrastructure required is managed by us.

Assignment Support

Not only companies, there are many students and teachers struggling with lots of Assignment and Homework help due to shortage and availability of teachers. We help them for different levels of education i.e. primary, secondary, bachelors and masters with resource planning from a pool of our teachers. Our operation delivery is 24×7 and we support global learners with the minimum possible TAT(Turn Around Time). We make sure that all the assignments are double checked before delivery.

  • Services available for all grades till Masters.
  • Every assignment that we provide is custom made i.e. original work.
  • Quality checked by language experts.

We take care of solutions in K-12 as well as higher education in various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Computers, Statistics, Management, Engineering, English and Economics.

Counselling support

Every academic session brings opportunity for new students to join their desired courses. But it’s never easy for them to choose from the list of available options. A proper counselling is always required from an expert who can guide them as per their background and interest area.

They should also be made aware of the complete program, the future prospects and the end results. This can help both institutions and students. We’ve experts available to answer the queries, and the institutions won’t have to worry about the cost of a full time resource.

All the worries can be set aside and we would be available to take care of all those hassles for the institutions and help the students. We can help those students before they come on board.

Students can REGISTER and JOIN our FREE counselling for IELTS.

Translation and Subtitling Support

Translation is a step forward to provide better customer services to the visitors on the website. It is anything but a word to word interpretation, yet a mind-boggling process that considers every dialect’s norms and rules. It adjusts your message to neighbourhood gatherings of people.

Regardless of whether we make the substance or you supply it, we can limit and interpret any volume in excess of 100 dialects, safely and privately in all formats, be it text, audio or video. Translation and subtitling is carried out by the team of highly qualified translators or language experts.

Our accomplished designers, venture supervisors, and in-nation local talking etymologists take part in confinement ventures from the starting, effectively separating the complex undertaking into littler parts and breaking down every one of them to discover potential inconvenience spots and plan for them. The benefits of localization include higher target audience, improved product’s time to market and improved product reliability and product quality.

Curriculum development

A curriculum is a really important part of any school, college or any other institute. A well organised curriculum is needed to facilitate a smooth and ordered learning. A proper curriculum development is done by our experts, catering to the needs of the clients.

We have subject matter experts who understand the needs of the clients and create a curriculum that covers all the important points. The curriculum developed by us, is accurate, creative and of optimum quality. Our experts are well aware of all the changing trends and they use this knowledge to create a curriculum that is following the recent trends. They are experienced professionals in the field and use every ounce of their experience to deliver the most accurate and achievable curriculum.

The curriculum developed by us, covers the entire topic in the syllabus. We also pay special attention to teacher’s notes and try our best to include every bit of important information. This information is provided in an interactive manner to make the learning fun and engaging. The curriculum developed by us covers all the important tips for the instructors and allows them to plan and teach their lessons in a fluent manner. All the topics included in the curriculum are thoroughly checked and verified according to the latest Accreditation Standards.

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