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February 7, 2022

How to Prepare Cloze Test

Cloze Test contains both passage/comprehension and fill in the blanks. It checks your reading comprehension as well as your grammar and vocabulary. It is an important and high scoring section in English paper. Cloze Tests are asked in English Comprehension tests in various competitive exams such as banking, insurance, SSC, railways, MBA, board exams, etc. You need to understand the flow and context of the passage in the cloze test and fill in the blanks with an appropriate option. The options can be anything from grammar to correct use of words.

How to score maximum in the Cloze Test

* Highlight the keywords while reading the passage or read it slowly to understand the context of the passage.

* The keywords will help you identify the theme of the passage. It could be science and technology, environment, economics, social/moral values, etc.

* While choosing the correct option link the sentences together to verify your answer. It is a passage and sentences have a logical connection.

* Try not to answer based on your opinion and prior knowledge. Always answer based on the author’s perspective. The tone could be narrative, critical, humorous, analytical, descriptive, etc.

* When you get confused with options, just go with the option which is more often used than others.

* Elimination method also works well when we find other options irrelevant except one. In such a case, place the one option in the blank and re-read the sentence to make sure the answer/option makes sense.


* Remain calm during the test.

* No need to spend much time on a particular question. Move to the next question and review it in the end if time allows.

* Go through a standard grammar book of your choice to brush up basic grammar. OR, Refer to our teachers’ notes.

* Make a habit of reading. Read articles/newspapers/novels etc. to develop your reading skills. It’ll build your vocabulary as well.

* Practice as much as you can. Try our FREE practice tests!

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